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ACTION bus services will be operating to a Sunday timetable over the Easter holiday period from Friday 18 to Monday 21 April, 2014.

NXTBUS is coming

Real time passenger information for ACTION buses

Check out our video about the NXTBUS system

NXTBUS will change the way you travel

With real time for ACTION buses, you can find out when the next bus is due – from anywhere. Look up real time bus information from home, work, the café, school or at a bus stop or bus station.

What is NXTBUS?

The ACT Government has provided $12.5 million for the design and implementation of a real time passenger information system (RTPIS). An additional $190,000 has been provided in the 2013/14 financial year for four more LED display screens.

The RTPIS, known as NXTBUS, will track ACTION buses and provide information on departure times.

Features of the NXTBUS system will include:

  • live online service tracking
  • the ability to identify if a bus is easy access
  • an indicator showing when a bus is equipped with a bike rack
  • onboard multifunction displays (visual and audio) with next stop announcements
  • on demand audio announcement system at bus stations and selected major stops.

Trapeze Austrics Pty, a company with over 40 years experience on the international market, which is a global supplier of real time fleet management systems, has been selected as the preferred supplier for the delivery of NXTBUS.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

NXTBUS uses GPS to track the location of buses. Location data is sent to a central system, which then transmits this data in real time. NXTBUS looks 90 minutes into the future with information updated every 30 seconds.

When will NXTBUS start?

A progressive roll out of NXTBUS commenced in September 2013.

It is anticipated that the installation of the NXTBUS system to the majority of ACTION's bus fleet will be completed by April 2014.

How can I get NXTBUS information?

ACTION riders will be able to track the location of their bus online, via SMS, by calling 13 17 10 or viewing the LED screen displays at major bus stations. Braille and embossed bus stop number plates are also being installed at selected bus stops.

Can I use NXTBUS now?

The NXTBUS system is live and we encourage riders to trial the NXTBUS system. However, please be aware that the system is not yet fully operational.

On the bus:
Buses that already have the NXTBUS system installed will have a screen located at the front of the bus. These screens will display and announce over the speakers route and next stop information.

Bus Stop ID numbers:
NXTBUS signs are now installed at all 3100 bus stops across the ACT. Each has an individual ID number, four digits in length.

‘Bus Stop ID’ numbers can be used to access information on when the next bus is due to depart online or by contacting Canberra Connect on 13 17 10.

At the completion of the NXTBUS project all information will be provided in real time.

Text to 0432 13 17 10:

You can now text one of the following combinations to 0432 13 17 10:

1. Stop ID only (Eg. 2248)

You will receive a text with routes servicing that stop and the next two departure times for each route.

2. Stop ID and the route number (Eg. 2248, 300)

You will receive a text with the departure times for the selected route and stop.

3. Stop ID and departure time (Eg. 2248, 16:00)

You will receive a text with routes servicing that stop after the selected departure time.

4. Stop ID, route and departure time (Eg. 2248, 300, 16:00)

You will receive a text with the times the selected route will depart after the departure time given.

Other text symbols
Your reply may also include one or more of the following symbols:

W = Wheelchair accessible/easy access

B = Bike rack (this is only when a bus is fitted with a bike rack, it is unable to detect if the bike rack is full or not)

* = When a bus is delayed.

Note: Currently, you will receive a mix of timetable and real time information.

At the completion of the project all information will be provided in real time. You will also be able to subscribe to an alert service for your ‘favourite’ routes.

LED display screens:
Two LED display screens have been installed at the City Bus Station and work has now started on the installation of 15 more screens at Bus Stations and selected major stops across the ACT.

Additional funding in the 2013/14 budget has allowed for 4 more screens in for the City Bus Station (total of 6). These signs will be installed by mid 2014.

At the completion of the project a total of 21 passenger information display screens will be located at: Westfield Belconnen, Cohen St bus station, ANU bus stop, Barton bus stop, Belconnen community bus station, City bus station, City West bus stop, Gungahlin bus station, Kippax bus stop, Tuggeranong bus station and Woden bus station.

These displays will show next bus departure times including the route, destination, platform number, if the bus is equipped with a bike rack and/or is wheelchair accessible. The NXTBUS system has now commenced system testing, and during this phase will display a combination of live departure times and timetable schedules. Live times will be shown in minutes until the bus departs (for example '5 min') while scheduled departures will be listed in 24 hour time (for example '17:05').

At the completion of the NXTBUS project all information will be provided in real time.

What are the other features of NXTBUS?

In early 2014 commuters will be able to access real time bus information online. You will be able to search by route, suburb or bus stop ID, as well as subscribe to an alert service for your 'favourite' routes.

Touch screen kiosks:
Touch screen information kiosks will be installed at Westfield Belconnen community bus station, City bus station, Tuggeranong bus station and the Woden bus station. These kiosks will work in a similar way to the website.

NXTBUS aims to promote accessible public transport in the following ways:

  • Announcements on the buses of the next stop
  • On-demand audio announcements of real time information at major stops (linked to the public information display screens)
  • Provision of information about whether the next bus to arrive is wheelchair accessible
  • Website will meet WCAG - Website Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
  • Braille and embossed bus stop number plates have been installed at selected bus stops for vision impaired commuters. These locations were determined with the help of the Guide Dogs Association.

Paper based timetables will still be available at Canberra Connect Shopfronts and can also be downloaded online.

Will there be an official NXTBUS App?

No. However ACTION buses will make all data freely available allowing App developers to design their own Apps.

Can I provide feedback?

Feedback has been valuable in understanding the communities' expectation of a Real Time Passenger Information System for Canberra. Feedback from surveys and focus groups held in August 2011 has been incorporated into the system requirements.

Feedback on the NXTBUS project is welcome and can be provided by phoning 13 17 10 or visiting www.action.act.gov.au.

How can I follow the progress of the NXTBUS project?

ACTION will provide updates on the implementation of NXTBUS in the following ways:

The ACT Government is committed to improving the accessibility of web content. To provide feedback or request an accessible version of a document please contact us or phone 13 17 10.
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