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Route 3 to Woden

Route 3. Printable timetable and map (PDF file - 422 KB)

S = Bus operates school days only.

  Wheelchair Accessible* Cohen St Bus Station Platform 2 Westfield Bus Station Platform 1 Belconnen Community Bus Station Platform 3 Calvary Hospital O'Connor Shops Burton & Garran Hall, Daley Rd City Bus Station Platform 2 Kings Ave / National Cct Parliament House Deakin Shops Hughes Shops Garran Shops Canberra Hospital Woden Bus Station
3 wheelchair ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 6.21am 6.31am 6.35am 6.39am 6.43am 6.47am 6.49am 6.57am
3 wheelchair ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 6.50am 7.00am 7.04am 7.08am 7.12am 7.16am 7.18am 7.26am
3 wheelchair 6.39am 6.40am 6.42am 6.59am 7.05am 7.09am 7.17am 7.27am 7.31am 7.36am 7.42am 7.46am 7.48am 7.58am
3 wheelchair 7.02am 7.03am 7.05am 7.22am 7.28am 7.33am 7.42am 7.53am 7.58am 8.03am 8.09am 8.13am 8.15am 8.25am
3 wheelchair 7.28am 7.29am 7.31am 7.50am 7.58am 8.03am 8.12am 8.23am 8.28am 8.33am 8.39am 8.43am 8.45am 8.55am
3 wheelchair 7.53am 7.54am 7.56am 8.15am 8.23am 8.28am 8.37am 8.48am 8.53am 8.58am 9.04am 9.08am 9.10am 9.20am
3   8.13am 8.14am 8.16am 8.31am 8.41am 8.46am 8.56am 9.04am 9.09.am 9.14am 9.20am 9.24am 9.28am 9.38am
3 wheelchair 8.39am 8.40am 8.42am 9.01am 9.09am 9.14am 9.23am 9.34am 9.39am 9.44am 9.49am 9.53am 9.55am 10.05am
3 wheelchair 9.12am 9.13am 9.15am 9.34am 9.41am 9.46am 9.55am 10.05am 10.10am 10.15am 10.20am 10.24am 10.26am 10.36am
3 wheelchair 9.42am 9.43am 9.45am 10.02am 10.09am 10.14am 10.23am 10.33am 10.38am 10.43am 10.48am 10.52am 10.54am 11.04am
3 wheelchair 10.12am 10.13am 10.15am 10.32am 10.39am 10.44am 10.53am 11.03am 11.08am 11.13am 11.18am 11.22am 11.24am 11.34am
3 wheelchair 10.42am 10.43am 10.45am 11.02am 11.09am 11.14am 11.23am 11.33am 11.38am 11.43am 11.48am 11.52am 11.54am 12.04pm
3 wheelchair 11.12am 11.13am 11.15am 11.32am 11.39am 11.44am 11.53am 12.03pm 12.08pm 12.13pm 12.18pm 12.22pm 12.24pm 12.34pm
3 wheelchair 11.42am 11.43am 11.45am 12.02pm 12.09pm 12.14pm 12.23pm 12.33pm 12.38pm 12.43pm 12.48pm 12.52pm 12.54pm 1.04pm
3 wheelchair 12.12pm 12.13pm 12.15pm 12.32pm 12.39pm 12.44pm 12.53pm 1.03pm 1.08pm 1.13pm 1.18pm 1.22pm 1.24pm 1.34pm
3 wheelchair 12.42pm 12.43pm 12.45pm 1.02pm 1.09pm 1.14pm 1.23pm 1.33pm 1.38pm 1.43pm 1.48pm 1.52pm 1.54pm 2.04pm
3 wheelchair 1.12pm 1.13pm 1.15pm 1.32pm 1.39pm 1.44pm 1.53pm 2.03pm 2.08pm 2.13pm 2.18pm 2.22pm 2.24pm 2.34pm
3 wheelchair 1.42pm 1.43pm 1.45pm 2.02pm 2.09pm 2.14pm 2.23pm 2.33pm 2.38pm 2.43pm 2.48pm 2.52pm 2.54pm 3.04pm
3 wheelchair 2.12pm 2.13pm 2.15pm 2.32pm 2.39pm 2.44pm 2.53pm 3.03pm 3.08pm 3.13pm 3.19pm 3.23pm 3.25pm 3.35pm
3 wheelchair 2.42pm 2.43pm 2.45pm 3.02pm 3.10pm 3.15pm 3.24pm 3.35pm 3.40pm 3.45pm 3.51pm 3.55pm 3.57pm 4.07pm
3 wheelchair 2.59pm 3.00pm 3.02pm 3.21pm 3.29pm 3.34pm 3.43pm 3.54pm 3.59pm 4.04pm 4.10pm 4.14pm 4.16pm 4.26pm
3 wheelchair 3.29pm 3.30pm 3.32pm 3.51pm 3.59pm 4.04pm 4.13pm 4.24pm 4.29pm 4.34pm 4.40pm 4.44pm 4.46pm 4.56pm
3 wheelchair 3.51pm 3.52pm 3.54pm 4.13pm 4.21pm 4.26pm 4.35pm 4.46pm 4.51pm 4.56pm 5.02pm 5.06pm 5.08pm 5.18pm
3 wheelchair 4.11pm 4.12pm 4.14pm 4.33pm 4.41pm 4.46pm 4.55pm 5.06pm 5.11pm 5.16pm 5.22pm 5.26pm 5.28pm 5.38pm
3 wheelchair 4.46pm 4.47pm 4.49pm 5.08pm 5.16pm 5.21pm 5.30pm 5.41pm 5.46pm 5.51pm 5.57pm 6.01pm 6.03pm 6.13pm
3 wheelchair 5.11pm 5.12pm 5.14pm 5.33pm 5.41pm 5.46pm 5.55pm 6.06pm 6.11pm 6.16pm 6.22pm 6.26pm 6.28pm 6.37pm
3 wheelchair 5.38pm 5.39pm 5.41pm 6.00pm 6.08pm 6.13pm 6.22pm 6.33pm 6.37pm 6.41pm 6.46pm 6.50pm 6.52pm 7.01pm
3 wheelchair 6.00pm 6.01pm 6.03pm 6.22pm 6.30pm 6.35pm 6.43pm 6.53pm 6.57pm 7.01pm 7.06pm 7.10pm 7.12pm 7.21pm
3 wheelchair 6.17pm 6.18pm 6.20pm 6.38pm 6.45pm 6.50pm 6.58pm 7.08pm 7.12pm 7.16pm 7.21pm 7.25pm 7.27pm 7.36pm
3 wheelchair 7.17pm 7.18pm 7.20pm 7.37pm 7.44pm 7.49pm 7.57pm 8.07pm 8.11pm 8.15pm 8.20pm 8.24pm 8.26pm 8.35pm
3 wheelchair 8.17pm 8.18pm 8.20pm 8.37pm 8.44pm 8.49pm 8.57pm 9.07pm 9.11pm 9.15pm 9.20pm 9.24pm 9.26pm 9.35pm
3 wheelchair 9.17pm 9.18pm 9.20pm 9.37pm 9.44pm 9.49pm 9.57pm 10.07pm 10.11pm 10.15pm 10.20pm 10.24pm 10.26pm 10.35pm
3 wheelchair 10.17pm 10.18pm 10.20pm 10.37pm 10.38pm 10.42pm 10.50pm ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....
wheelchair  - ACTION’s fleet includes Easy Access, wheelchair accessible buses. Every effort is made to ensure an Easy Access bus operates at the times shown, however sometimes due to unforeseen operational circumstances an Easy Access bus may be replaced with a standard bus.
The ACT Government is committed to improving the accessibility of web content. To provide feedback or request an accessible version of a document please contact us or phone 13 17 10.
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