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ACTION is a branch in the Roads and Public Transport Division of the Territory and Municipal Services Directorate, within the ACT Government. As a wholly Government owned and operated business it subscribes to public sector governance principles and practices.

ACTION's Governance Framework consists of a suite of policies and procedures about how, where and to whom the business delivers its services. This framework has been developed within the context of the Territory and Municipal Services Directorate (TAMS) governance arrangements taking into account Government transport policy and legislation.

Central to ACTION's governance model are:

  • accountability
  • transparency/openness
  • integrity
  • stewardship
  • efficiency
  • leadership.

Central to ACTION's leadership is the structure of the organisation. The primary responsibility for the management of ACTION Bus Services and its business lies with the Director. The Director is responsible for the strategic, operational and financial management of ACTION.

The Director reports to the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services through the Executive Director, Roads and Public Transport Division and Director-General of the Territory and Municipal Services Directorate.

Reporting to the Director is ACTION's Senior Management Team. The ACTION Senior Management Team makes operational, financial and corporate governance decisions relating to the day-to-day operations of the ACTION transport business in the context of strategic business plans

ACTION's Service Policies

ACTION has a number of Service Policies that provide broad direction on ACTION's position on issues relating to ACTION services and the delivery of these services for the information of stakeholders to guide underlying procedures and processes. These policies are developed in accordance with ACTION's Governance Framework.

From time to time, and where these policies are reviewed, ACTION may seek submissions from our customers and interested stakeholders. When we are undertaking public consultation information will be listed in Latest News section of our website and also on the ACT Government's Community Engagement website Time to Talk.

ACTION's Governance Framework

ACTION has developed a governance framework that consists of a suite of policies and procedures or work instructions about how, where and to whom the business delivers its services.

Governance FAQ

What is governance?
The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO, 2003) defines governance as the process by which organisations are directed, controlled and held to account.
ACTION delivers public transport to the ACT community. It is a wholly Government owned and operated business and therefore subscribes to public sector governance.

What is public sector governance?
The ANAO describes public sector governance as the manner in which public sector organisations acquit their responsibilities of stewardship by being open, accountable and prudent in decision making, in providing policy advice, in managing and delivering programs and in demonstrating leadership.

The ANAO goes on to say that good governance is about both:

  • performance—how an agency uses its governance arrangements to contribute to overall performance and the delivery of goods, services or programmes, and
  • conformance—how an agency uses governance arrangements to ensure it meets the requirements of the law, regulations, published standards and community expectations of probity, accountability and openness.

Why is a governance framework necessary?
A governance framework serves as the primary guide to the development and implementation of governance arrangements. ACTION's governance arrangements consist of a decision making structure, decision making mechanisms as well as a suite of policies and procedures or work instructions about how, where and to whom the business delivers its services. These are developed in the context of legislation and Government policy on public transport.

What are ACTION's governance arrangements?
ACTION's governance arrangements fall into a range of areas which may be described as the principles of governance:

Accountability – ACTION ensures accountability by:

  • documenting the roles and responsibilities of the Director and the Senior Management Team documenting the objectives, roles and powers of committees and forums where decisions are made in relation to the business
  • developing clear business and operational plans and monitoring the business' performance against them
  • contributing to the Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) Annual Report (including audited finance and performance reports)
  • participating in the TAMS internal audit program.

Transparency/Openness – ACTION ensures transparency/openness through:

  • welcoming stakeholder participation in, and comment on, policy development and review to encourage robust and interested public involvement in the way the business is run
  • ensuring staff are aware of and adopt TAMS values, which include: effectiveness and efficiency 
  • welcoming feedback on all aspects of its operations, which it responds to in accordance with its Feedback and Complaints Handling Policy

Integrity – ACTION endorses the Government's emphasis on the highest standards of ethical conduct in the public service by:

  • ensuring staff are aware of their obligations as public servants as detailed in the Public Sector Management Act 1994 (PSM) and other legislation by promulgating the TAMS Code of Conduct widely. The Code of Conduct highlights the expectation that staff will:
    • act with integrity
    • be accountable
    • show respect
    • be professional.
  • ensuring staff are aware of and adopt TAMS values, which include: o effectiveness and efficiency
    • ability to anticipate and empathise
    • integrity and accountability
    • leadership and teamwork

Stewardship – public officials are entrusted with resources belonging to the community and must exercise their powers responsibly. ACTION utilises a number of mechanisms to ensure that it maintains appropriate stewardship of the community's resources including:

  • Human resource delegations which flow from the PSM and confer powers or functions to enable officers to conduct of their duties in relation to the management and deployment of human resources.
  • TAMS Director-General Financial Instructions (DGFIs), which flow from the Financial Management ACT 1996 (FMA). The CEFIs ensure compliance with the Act for the efficient and effective financial management of the business
  • The financial delegations which flow from the DGFIs and confer powers or functions to enable officers to conduct their duties in relation to the management and use of financial resources.

Efficiency – ACTION ensures efficiency by:

  • applying the merit principle to ensure the best person is chosen for a position without discrimination, patronage or favouritism and in accordance with workplace diversity principles
  • adhering to Government procurement guidelines to ensure that the principle of value for money is pursued when undertaking procurement activities as well as probity, risk management and open competition.

Leadership – ACTION ensures effective leadership by clearly identifying its leadership team, their roles and responsibilities. ACTION's leaders are identified in the organisation structure and are committed to delivering good governance through:

  • ensuring implementation, evaluation and improvement of good governance structures and processes
  • enacting good governance through their own performance and behaviours.

ACTION's leaders facilitate this by endorsing and adopting the TAMS:

  • business planning and reporting framework
  • risk management framework
  • performance management framework.

Where do I find out more information about policy, governance or compliance?
ACTION has a Policy, Governance and Compliance Officer who maintains the Corporate Governance Framework and Policy Development Process. The Policy, Governance and Compliance Officer is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have relating to ACTION's governance arrangements by calling 13 17 10.

The ACT Government is committed to improving the accessibility of web content. To provide feedback or request an accessible version of a document please contact us or phone 13 17 10.
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